Urban Justice Center

Justice rising. 


Founded in 1984, The Urban Justice Center is a collective of non-profit lawyers who set up shop in a burned-out building in East Harlem. With no funding, they arrived at soup kitchens, jails and shelters - places other lawyers would not go - setting up free legal clinics to help the underserved. As a social justice incubator, Urban Justice Center cultivates non-profit initiatives that advocate for legislative change and provide free legal support to marginalized citizens. In the 35 years since its founding, these initiatives grew in scale and exposure. Over time, they began to outshine the Urban Justice Center and key stakeholders lost sight of the master brand's value. 


We helped Urban Justice Center strengthen its positioning so that is centered around a distinguished balance of their trailblazing efforts in social justice, and nurturing care for their clients and society. With trailblazing and nurturing as its key drivers, Urban Justice Center's new north star was rooted in Fuelling Social Change. 

We developed the new tagline, 'Fuelling Social Change,' which now serves as the rallying cry to enlist advocates ready to uplift, nurture, and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. The new mission statement captures the essence of the organization: The Urban Justice Center is a rallying cry and platform for society's fiercest advocates to fuel social change and champion a fair, just and humane society. 

With the new north star in place, a visual identity was created to take a strong stance that when it comes to Fuelling Social Change, justice always leads. Inspired by the grassroots methodology that the Urban Justice Center was founded upon, the visual identity reinterprets the in-your-face attitude of vintage protest placards. The bold typography and gritty imagery style visualizes the voice for the under-represented. 

The typeface used for the identity system underscores the bold, trailblazing efforts with the Impact font, while the second is a softer, nurturing response in Radley. 

We then activated the brand through updated UX strategy and design for Urban Justice Center's website, earning a Webby award. The website can be viewed at urbanjustice.org

"Superunion helped Urban Justice Center find its true identity and voice - they took the time to learn who we are, what we do, and what drives our passion and our work. Superunion helped us create a refreshed brand that sets us apart and enables us to tell our story as a galvanizing force for both our organization and incubator projects. The team then translated that brand into a beautiful and powerful website experience that serves our clients, our attorneys, and our cause. We are grateful for the passion and discipline that the Superunion team brought to our collaboration."

Sara Solfanelli
Chief Operating & General Counsel


Transform Awards
Best overall visual identity Grand prize

Best use of typography

New York Advertising Festival 
Brand design Bronze

The One Show