Creating a digital-first airline for a new kind of traveller.

LEVEL has been the most successful airline launch of all time. That’s a big statement, but the numbers support it: 52,000 tickets were sold in the first twelve hours and the fleet size is scheduled to grow by 150% in the first year of trading.

This is a new low-cost, long-haul global airline. Brand new planes operated by one of the world’s leading airline groups. It’s a game changer. A chance to rewrite the rules for the whole category.

Sharing an office with our client, we pitched together to the board of the brand’s parent company IAG, building digital-first thinking into every decision we made.

Budget used to mean short-haul. Big journeys came with big prices. This airline was about to level the playing field. And it was going to be transparent with its prices.

So, the name practically chose itself: LEVEL.

We developed a cool, restrained visual identity that’s as relevant on one side of the world as the other. It could be from Scandinavia, California, Japan – it doesn’t matter, it belongs to everyone.

Part of that identity was a minimalist brandmark that tells the story of flight. It’s a square, bisected into a blue strip with a green strip below to represent the sky and the ground.

The mark also expands out into a series of patterns. Some of these were designed in our studio. Others are being designed, even as you read this, by an algorithm that scans images and destinations to generate new, unique patterns.

The sheer number of patterns means we can communicate at every single touch point, from the app on your phone to the screen on the plane and the cup of coffee in your hand. It’s digital design for a digital-first brand.

LEVEL launched in June 2017 flying from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana. Following a fantastically successful take off, it’s just announced new routes in 2018 to include Paris to New York and Montreal from just $99.

As the tagline says, It’s your world.


tickets sold in the first 12 hours


fleet size scheduled increase within the first year of trading


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