Legal & General Annual Report

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Legal & General's purpose is to improve the lives of its customers, build a better society for the long term and create value for shareholders. This shapes every aspect of how Legal & General does business - to date, it has invested over £25 billion in direct investments such as homes, urban regeneration, clean energy and small business finance. 

The focus for the 2019 Annual Report was to shine a light on the unique Legal & General business model: 'Inclusive Capitalism'. A form of capitalism, which in the words of its CEO, Nigel Wilson, 'puts in place ways to make people benefit from economic growth'. 


Feature stories are embedded throughout the Strategic Report to highlight some of the projects benefiting from Legal & General investments - its approach to Net Zero and investing in urban projects that help people across the economy, transforming our towns and cities. 

Our content strategy was focused on demonstrating how Legal & General business is shaped around global trends that affect the lives of real people and the decisions that its stakeholders make that impact the business, and its customers, every day.

CSR and sustainability issues are not siloed into one separate section, but instead are weaved into the narrative of the Strategic Report. The additional content and disclosures that do not change from year to year are now published as stand-alone supplements, to elevate strategic content for the reader. 

In design, we took a straightforward approach that enabled us to make content more engaging to the reader. This was achieved through a clear hierarchy of information that catered for different levels of read, using graphic devices such as iconography and infographics to signpost key elements of the content. 

The new brand illustrative style, applied throughout the report, reflects the shape of real lives in the UK and brings a sense of personality and emotion, while making what is often complex information more accessible, with proof points in quantitative evidence. 

The new Annual Report sits at the heart of Legal & General's integrated approach to communications, with the visual style expressed in an updated, a new brand hub, the HQ interiors and investor materials. Together this allows Legal & General to amplify all the great work they do and present a consistent and coherent message. 

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"Working together, what we achieved in our 2019 ARA is to take a complex business and create a powerful, but simple visual statement of how it all works."

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