Revitalising a British heritage brand.

As the pioneers of the SUV, Land Rover has a unique heritage and a great many stories to tell. Its success has sparked a plethora of ‘me-too’ brands, meaning that one of the brand’s biggest challenges is standing out and remaining the category leader.

We’ve worked on multiple projects since being appointed brand guardian five years ago. One of our most recent briefs was to put Land Rover back on the map as the world’s premium SUV brand of choice. To do so, we helped refocus its brand strategy and redefine the brand experience across all stages of the customer journey.

Land Rover asked us to define what British Premium meant and how it could own the space by speaking to premium and luxury experts around the world.

Our first move was to simplify Land Rover’s brand strategy, which had become muddied by too many models and guidelines. We explored the original DNA of the company to determine what it would need to do to stay relevant in the future across different demographics and markets.

We analysed the entire customer journey and uncovered that many aspects of the Land Rover experience weren’t living up to the promise made by the Above & Beyond tagline. So, we gave it new meaning by creating a brand film that instilled pride in employees, reminding them why they came into work each day.

"The brand film was initially used as an internal audience film but it resonated so well with everyone it became external facing content for Land Rover."

Senior Manager, Land Rover Advertising

We also redesigned the brand’s visual and verbal identities so that every customer interaction lived up to the brand promise. The new logo was all about simplicity, confidence and clarity. A custom typeface added to the brand’s premium feel, as did new, higher-quality materials for collateral and layouts more suited to epic storytelling. As well as the main brand, we’ve developed specialist identities and guidelines for the Land Rover Experience division and for Special Vehicle Operations. And we’ve helped to educate and immerse local markets in the new brand strategy through a series of workshops, which we co-facilitated with Land Rover in Asia, Australia, South Africa and Europe.

All in all, we’ve endowed the brand with the same craftsmanship of its products and created a system that connected all communication channels and markets. As a result, Land Rover felt like a consistent, British Premium brand across the globe.

The feedback has been extremely positive. The consensus has been that the new visual identity system has made all of Land Rover’s communications consistently premium. And recent advertising campaigns, marketing communications and online activations have all used it with great success.

We’re still working with Land Rover today on a number of specialist projects, including the creation of the visual identity for Land Rover’s partnership with Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR).


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