The creative heart of Madrid. 


In a rapidly changing landscape, with fast-emerging competitors and customers demanding increasingly efficient, agile and integrated responses, WPP was facing new and stimulating challenges. Its response was a transformative and increasingly integrated business approach, where different and diverse companies could work in a far more connected way. The new WPP campus in Madrid brings together 3,000 people across 20 agencies under one roof, with a brand inspired by the Spanish capital's heritage and its local culture. Welcome to 'La Matriz'. 



The chosen name, La Matriz, or 'Matrix' in Spanish, offered a wealth of meanings. Not only does it share the etymological origin of the word 'Madrid,' from the ancient Roman name for the city, 'Matrice', but it also signifies the transfer of ideas, connection, exchange, growth and value.

The visual identity designed as a juxtaposition of elements of traditional Spanish tile street signs with a mid-century brutalist language of the campus building. Created in a true matrix for, the brand is in a constant motion, ever evolving and transforming as a true expression of a new, collaborative way of working. 

Custom-made tiles and a raw concrete fabric of the building form an extensive wayfinding system, with a 2.5 metre logo suspended from the industrial ceiling positioning the La Matriz brand centre stage. 

The result is a versatile and modular visual system that offers infinite possibilities in response to the diverse needs of the business and its audiences.  

"Building a WPP campus in the heart of Madrid offers something unique: it allows us to be closer to our clients and provides a creative hub for both the city and our people. La Matriz has been specifically designed to inspire greater creativity, encourage closer collaboration and attract the very best talent in our industry. This significant investment is a sign of our commitment to Spain, to serving the Spanish business community and to providing our people with the best working environment."