Redefine your own path


Kenner Sandals was born from a casual conversation between its founder, Peter Simon, and a Santa Monica lifeguard who went by the nickname 'Kenner', in the summer of 1985. From a chat about how flip-flops could feel like walking barefoot on soft sand, to the present Kenner sandal, the brand has become a fashion icon with a following around the world. 

Kenners are made in Rio, where the sun always shines and people wear sandals from morning till night, from the office to the beach. Today the world takes flip-flops in its stride. Constrained to life in lock-down, we are more in charge of our fashion choices, with the simple sandal riding the wave of becoming a symptom, and a cure, to new ease that has taken over our wardrobes and style. 

Inspired by the CEO's vision to conquer the North American market and propel Kenner to global stardom, we redefined the brand to capture the extraordinary spirit of its home country, Brazil, and the bold attitude of its people. 


Our strategy was to define Kenner on its own path, one that sets it apart from the multitude of fashion brands and repositions it as a leader that inspires millions of customers, at home in Brazil, and around the world, like never before. 

To understand the origin of the brand, we shared the culture, heritage and wealth of its stories - from the spirit of its streets, the beach the music and Rio fashion style, to the personality and beauty of the people who embrace life as it comes. The strategy, captured in a new tagline - 'RE.DEFINE' - is a call to action, to take charge, be yourself and be ready to define your own future. 

The new identity is built on the ethos of the brand - to be 'Strong', 'Beautiful' and 'Surprising'. The dynamic letterforms are constructed from sharp organic shapes. Designed to convey the strength of character of Kenners' wearers, and, when brought together, they move in a multitude of forms, full of adrenaline and speed, to reflect the robustness and athletic quality of its products. 

The simple yet bold colour palette - black, white and orange - pays homage to Brazil's landscapes, combined with a photography style that uplifts the natural beauty and spirit of the Brazilian people. The new Kenner brand makes a bold statement for business, one that is full of attitude and confidence to take on its own path and redefine its future, just like its people.