People buy personal

Differentiating professional services with warmth and humanity.

In an increasingly homogenised real estate landscape, most brands struggle to stand out.

Commercial real estate giant JLL was no different, but it understood the value of its brand in holding onto its market-leading position. It needed to stand out in the sea of sameness, while at the same time connecting with its clients and 77,000 employees around the world.

The answer needed a personal touch.

We launched the new brand in February 2017 across all 280 offices in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas, bringing it to life in print, online and in all their offices.

We worked with JLL’s global team to uncover the reasons it had been so successful for the past 100 years. It became clear that it always been a ‘people business’ at heart with a strong collegial and team culture. JLL’s business wasn’t about buildings; it was about people.

We used this insight to develop a new brand narrative to emphasize humanity and capture it in the brand idea, The Personal Touch. The strategic shift from buildings to people reflected JLL’ as the leading professional services expert, and created the differentiation it needed within the industry.

From the narrative, we created a bold and engaging new visual personality, using painted brush strokes and canvases to differentiate JLL from its competition. We gave it a new tone of voice that infused communications with humanity and warmth, steering the brand towards a friendlier everyday language, instead of hiding behind cold, managerial terms.

Since we launched the new brand in February 2017, JLL’s intranet has been awash with positive comments and photos from employees as they embrace the new brand.

We continue to work as JLL’s brand guardians, making sure the brand works hard to meet its business objectives.

Working with our brand partners has been a fantastic collaboration – helping create the differentiation we need in a very noisy marketplace and ultimately helping significantly drive our key business objectives.

Charlie Stopford
Global Brand Director, JLL