IHG Annual Report

True hospitality for good.


IHG's 16 world-famous brands operate across more than 100 countries. Each brand is unique in character but united by an overall purpose, which is to provide 'True Hospitality for Good'. This purpose shapes their culture, brings their brands to life and represents their commitment to make a difference every day to their people, guests and communities, and to protect the world around us all. 

In an unimaginably challenging year, they have worked to care for their stakeholders, protect the business and ensure their purpose is felt even in the toughest of times - all while ensuring they are ready to grow strongly in a recovery. 




We have worked with IHG as their creative partner for over 8 years and in that time we have helped build and strengthen the appeal of its purpose and develop a report that clearly articulates the long-term strategic objectives of the business. 

The concept of this year's annual report was to reaffirm IHG's purpose 'True Hospitality for Good' and to highlight the company's engagement with a wide range of stakeholders. Focusing on how they have responded in challenging circumstances, working towards common goals while ensuring shared value for all. 

The front cover drew inspiration from the Lights of Love social media campaign that ran through the pandemic. A beacon of hope for the industry in 2020, hundreds of hotels globally created light hearts in their windows with employees doing the same with their hands. 


The ARA was the first external piece of communication to reflect the new evolved brand and as such we had to ensure the key brand values were reflected: inclusive, engaging and bold. 

The new brand was utilised to create a straightforward, clear approach to design that enabled us to make complex content more accessible to the reader. A clear hierarchy of information that catered for different levels of read and graphic devices such as iconography were introduced throughout the report to signpost key content. A bold use of typography and photography ensured the refreshed strategy was clearly articulated. 

In a year where plans and expectations were transformed for all by Covid-19, explaining how IHG engages with key stakeholders was an area of focus. To emphasise their importance, key stakeholders was an area of focus. To emphasis their importance, key stakeholders are clearly articulated on the inside front cover, accompanied by a unique icon for each stakeholder. These icons are then used throughout the report where relevant, including a new section on how IHG has responded to the challenges of Covid-19, the s.172 statement and the 'Our culture' section. 

As IHG predominantly franchise their brands and manage hotels on behalf of third-party hotel owns, it has a unique business model. Explaining such a complex business models involves numerous content. Throughout, narrative is supplemented by data, which is presented graphically. 

Key information such as 'Why owners choose to work with IHG' and 'How we generate revenue' is made more accessible by presenting the information more visually. Separate elements of revenue are colour coded, with further detail provided in the following pages being signposted through the use of the same colours.