Brand attitude cast in glass


Fritz-kola has always been a rebel. An outsider with a lot of attitude, courage and positive energy. 

From a student apartment in Hamburg, an unlikely duo with youthful confidence and a rebellious attitude decided to take on the global giants. Fritz-kola was born - with less sweetness, a hint of lemon, lots of caffeine and attitude in spades. No gimmicks or advertising wonderlands, just an honest product that tasted good from a brand with a message. 

From the get-go, fritz-kola has always approached things differently. Making the subject of taking a stance its trademark. With the core belief "the awake own the world", fritz-kola encourages people to wake up to making positive change in the world. To become their own rebel. A soft drink that tastes good and a brand that is a leader of change with an attitude. The true positive rebel. 



With this message at its foundation, we developed the brand bottle for fritz-kola. A visual icon that not only meets today's world needs, but that also reflects the brand's rebellious attitude. 


Inspired by the original fritz-kola bottle, a beer bottle, the design process together with product designer Volker Schumann from Werksdesign resulted in an uncomplicated shape with a distinctive shoulder that can stand confidently with a striking, larger than life on-shelf presence. 

We went one step further. The new bottle speaks to fritz fans and friends in more ways than one: striking details, an embossed brand name on the shoulder and a hidden message, "the awake own the world", for customers to discover and unleash their inner positive rebel. Everything can be experienced at the fingertips for a holistic brand experience. The bottle is used consistently for all fritz products right from the start. 

Sustainability was also considered in the development of the bottle design. We created a product that can be used for years and yet always look and feel contemporary. Thanks to the additional use of materials, the new bottles can be used for longer, with a planned six years of use, and refilled up to 25 times. 

Today the brand is a household name in Germany and sold in bars and shops all over Europe. In 2019, Fritz-kola sold 71 million glass bottles, only second behind the iconic global cola giant. 

Image credit: Maurice Rieger

"The main goal of the new bottle is to create an icon on the market that one hundred percent stands for fritz-kola and is immediately recognisable. We tried a lot of different things and always had the brand core of the positive rebel in mind. As optimistically rebellious as fritz-kola is in their communication, we also approached the project."

Martin Steinacker
Executive Creative Director