Hit your target audience, hard. Honing a luxury fitness brand.

Luxury fitness club Equinox was founded in New York in 1991 and quickly became the place to work out for the affluent and famous.

Over the past decade, Equinox expanded its reach across the United States and to London, but outgrew its original brand in the process.

Led by risk-takers, rebels and provocateurs, Equinox demanded a highly honed brand to connect with a small, yet elite audience.

We created a brand that was not for everyone and was not afraid to say it.

Equinox is a luxury brand with a soul in performance and the mind of a provocateur. We recognised that when these three elements came together, they created a unique tension – and that was where the Equinox magic happened. This idea of Tension sits at the heart of the brand.

We stripped back the identity to its essence then re-expressed it with this tension in mind. The logo and elegant, modern typography are often sheared off the page. Large fields of black and white dominate layouts, adding drama and tension to compositions. Oversized logos are placed over full-page imagery, photographs are obscured with a sexy steam effect, evocative of a steam room or a hot exercise studio. We also developed a distinctive tone of voice that is always provocative, never bland and never boring.

Working as part of an integrated team with Wieden+Kennedy, R/GA and Equinox’s in-house creative team, we’ve helped to express the Equinox brand at every touchpoint including their online magazine, Furthermore. Derived from the high-performance, fitness-orientated audience's desire to go further and want more, the new publication offers a sector-leading combination of science-driven fitness content and lifestyle inspiration from in-depth feature articles to elevated fitness videos and shop-able fitness stories.

Now, Equinox firmly occupies a category of one: a high-performance lifestyle brand that isn’t for everyone – and is not afraid to say it.

Knowing the agency’s reputation for ground-breaking and creatively-driven identity work, they felt like the perfect fit to evolve the Equinox brand. The delivery of a detailed, nuanced and highly-elevated style guide has already started to impact the brand in an unprecedented way, with the work feeling so much cleaner and more contemporary. In a matter of a few months, the work had an organisation of thousands rallied behind it.

Elizabeth Nolan
ECD, Equinox


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Highly Commended

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