Shaping the future of energy with a new brand.

For decades Statoil has been one of the most dynamic and innovative energy companies in the world, committed to the development of safe, high-value and low-carbon sources of energy.

At a time when energy companies seemed to be in denial about the issues that their customers were concerned with, Norwegians were justifiably proud that their energy supplier seemed to live in the same world they did.

Commissioning the world’s first offshore windfarm was just one example of Statoil’s innovative and pioneering nature, and its commitment to renewables.

But the fact is, they had outgrown their name. "Statoil" worked for a state-owned oil company in 1972. But it didn’t reflect what one of the most innovative companies it is today, or what it aims to become. We worked with Statoil to create a new brand that reflected its new strategy – a balanced energy major, driven by a clear purpose: to shape the future of energy.


We helped create the new name: Equinor. ‘Equi’ for equilibrium and equality, and ‘Nor’ as a proud recognition of the home country.

The company’s North Star identity was evolved to capture the ethos of Equinor: rotated north, to give purpose and direction, and made lighter and more open to reflect the company’s straightforward, transparent ethos.


A custom typeface, which gravitates North, was created. Combined with a colour palette that pays homage to Norway and its natural beauty, and a photography style that humanises and elevates what the company does, the new brand marks the fundamental shift of the business that provides the energy which the world needs and effectively fights climate change.

The new brand launched across the world in March 2018 to great acclaim. Equinor was unveiled through events and activations at the Oslo HQ, international offices and simultaneously and perhaps more importantly - on oil rigs and wind farms. With its new name and identity, Equinor is now ready to shape the future of energy.