Taking an authentic approach to brand extensions.

In Europe, everyone knows and loves edding’s markers and pens. It’s a famous business with an equally famous brand, and its name has even become part of the German language (like Sharpie in the US).

In the face of increased competition and cultural shifts away from writing by hand, Chairman and CEO Per Lederman came to us for new product development to help the brand enter different categories and attract more female and millennial consumers.

Together, we explored innovative ideas that were built out of the edding brand promise of making customers’ ideas visible and give them the power of expression.

We wanted to ensure that any extensions were authentic to the edding brand, rather than responding to the latest market trends. So, we put the brand attributes – versatile, robust, long-lasting and high-quality – at the heart of our thinking.

We ran an innovation workshop together with the edding team, where we produced a range of new ideas. These went into the brand’s IdeaLab for review by customers, artists, trend spotters and a trend researcher, which resulted in two new product ranges.

The first product was a Permanent Spray paint, taking edding into a new market. We made sure there were plenty of cues to the core product range in the new branding – the can and lid resemble the marker pens and the descriptive copy reinforces the brand attributes.

"This was probably our biggest adventure."

Chairman and CEO, edding

The second product pushed the brand even further to create a range of nail varnishes called edding L.A.Q.U.E.®. In cosmetics, most brands focus on beauty and elegance, so we took edding in a different direction more suited to its heritage. Our slogan was P.O.W.E.R., emphasising how durable the products were and building on the associations people already have with the brand.

And just as we’d managed with Permanent Spray, we made sure the nail varnishes looked edding through and through, including the famous winged cap.

Both new ranges have sold well and have helped extend the edding brand. The work is proof that innovation pays, as long as its authentic.