Bite Back 2030

Creating a youth-led movement that's biting back to fight for every child's right to health. 


Bite Back 2030 is a youth-led movement determined to protect health and halve child obesity by 2030. A movement built on an ever-growing group of passionate youth activists who campaign for opportunities to be healthy. 

Children are up against a flood of unhealthy food, on our high streets, supermarket shelves and school canteens; whilst advertisers spend billions giving junk food a starring role in young people's minds. As a result, 3.3 million children in the UK are now overweight and we have some of the worst child obesity rates in Western Europe. But we can fix it, by redesigning the food system to ensure every child has the right to good, quality food and a healthy future, no matter where they live. 


We started with the name. It has purpose. And teeth. It's a call to action. It says I'm not going to stand for this anymore, and I want to do something about it. It's as much about drawing attention to the problem as it is about taking action to solve it. To fight your own fight against your own injustice and the wider unhealthiness of the system. I Bite Back against fast food on my high street as well as Bite Back against the broken food system. Bite Back is for everyone. 

The brand is as bright as it is bold. The colours are fun and fearless, and through endless combinations, ageless too. Through messaging, typography and iconography, we literally bite back against the bad stuff, leaving only the good stuff behind. Creating a memorable connection to the facts that follow. 

At the heart of the brand is Bite Back's Youth Board - a team of passionate young activists, fuelled by the injustice of a food system that doesn't work for them. No one's words or actions speak louder or truer than theirs. 

Ever since its launch in 2019, Bite Back 2030 have excelled in its trailblazing mission to drive change. Youth Board Co-Chair, Christina Adane, spearheaded the Free School Meals campaign with Marcus Rashford, gaining 450,000 signatures and a government pledge of £400m to help 1.4 million children. There's been a ban on junk food ads before the 9pm watershed, and Bite Back have influenced  Brexit Trade deals with the #SaveOurStandards campaign, reaching over 11 million people. And this is just the start. 

Bite Back 2030 is for everyone who wants to put young people's health first. The Youth Board are supported by ambassadors from a range of backgrounds including media, sport, music, fashion and film including co-founder, chef and campaigner Jamie Oliver, David Gandy, Melissa Hemsley, Chris Smalling, Mia Fizz and Dr Alex George. Get involved - go to