How do I apply for a position at Superunion?

Take a look at our current openings. If one of them sounds like it’s tailor-made for you, then complete the  “Apply now” section brilliantly and press “Submit” with a sigh of relief. If you require a work permit, please make this very clear upfront.

How do I know if you've received my CV?

You’ll get an automated email confirming we’ve received it. (If you don’t, let us know.) You’ll hear back from us within a couple of weeks if we’d like to talk further about that specific opening. Otherwise, we’ll keep your information on file for future opportunities.

Will I be notified even if I’m not a match for a position?

We wish we could send individual replies, but since we get so many responses, we can only contact those people whose applications we’re moving forward with.

I am flexible about location, how can I show this?

Indicate all the offices that interest you when you create an online profile. You can apply for more than one role in a single office, or multiple roles across multiple offices. (But all roles would need the right work permit/visa – see below.)

Are there opportunities to move between offices?

Occasionally. If you’re a star in one office and want to build an international career then we’d be very happy to discuss potential opportunities.

How do I know if a position is still open?

If the posting is up, we’re still looking.

May I submit my resume for a position that is not posted?

Sure. You can upload your general details in the main applications portal. However, you should keep in mind that we post the positions we need to fill, so your chances are better if you fit one of those spots. If nothing currently fits your skills, check back later—we post new opportunities regularly.

I’m a designer. Can I arrange to have someone look at my book?

Definitely. Just attach a PDF of your work or include a link to your online portfolio when you apply online. For confidentiality reasons, we can’t accept books in person at our offices. We will get in touch if we’d like to meet.

There is no Superunion office near me. Are there opportunities to work remotely?

Sometimes. Opportunities vary by office. We’ll contact you if there’s a potential fit for the position you’ve applied for. Then we can discuss flexible work schedules.

Will you sponsor my work permit if I am not authorised to work in a particular country?

It’s not our normal practice, but we will do so occasionally. It depends on the role, the country, and the individual.

Is there ever a chance to do charity or pro bono branding work?

Yes. We regularly take on non-profit work of all kinds. Past projects have included Amnesty International, Tusk Trust, #UpForSchool, Made in Britain, Help for Haiti, International Elephant Institute, and United Justice Centre, for example. However, we ourselves are a for-profit business, so non-profit work would usually be combined with work on more directly commercial clients. They can be fun too.

Do we hire interns?

There is an opportunity for us to hire interns into every office, which provides you with the experience to learn more about Superunion, our world and the roles we have in the business. All of our internships are paid. 

Ready to apply? Check out our open positions.